Jira Cloud - Define Location - Office - Team Structure

I need a list of all our office spaces and locations related to the work teams. Unfortunately, I can only map 2 levels in Jira using the standard Custom Fields, so I need to consolidate information already. However, the mapping in Jira should be more granular and used to define the mapping of specific information. For example, tickets assigned to a specific product (via components or in other projects via a tag) always have a team responsible for the product. This should be visible via such a selection. Do you have a recommendation on how I can map this in Jira? Also, basically for the location determination, this would make sense.

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Jira has a Custom Field Type that you can create through Jira Administration. Unfortunately, this field is very complicated to create and configure. Also, it is limited to 2 levels, as you correctly noted.
Alternatively, I can recommend our Custom Field App for Jira. Here you have the easy possibility to use any kind of multi-level selection. An unlimited number of levels, a simple drag&drop editor, and even more features will probably allow you to create any use case you can think of for such a field type.
Try it out via the Atlassian Marketplace; the app is entirely usable for free.