Jira Cloud - Create a complex multi-level Select aka. cascading select

I’m trying to map a complex structure of dependent choices using a cascading select. While Jira offers me the ability to implement a two-level selection very easily and also elegantly, I certainly need 5-6 levels to appear in order to provide a specific and accurate selection.
How can I solve this requirement in Jira?

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This is a question we hear often, and I would like to answer it here: With the help of our Custom Field App for Jira, you can quickly, effortlessly, and intuitively add any complex and deep structure of a cascading select to any Jira issue.
We offer a handy drag & drop editor and a live preview where you can directly test if everything looks the way you want.
Also, choose if you need a separate heading per level, explaining what the current selection means in each level.
You can easily take the entries with the mouse, nest them, move them and thus quickly achieve the desired structure.
Try it out right now and leave us your feedback!