Jira Cloud - Can I re-empty the Resolution Field?

The Resolution field in Jira is an important feature because it specifies why a workflow process/ticket was closed or in “Done” status - it is set to a certain value.

But what if a team discovers that there is work that still needs to be done on the task? In most cases, the workflow should allow the ticket to be transferred back to the previous status.

But in Jira Cloud, the problem is that this operation does not automatically zero out the set resolution. As a result, the ticket is back in “Progress”, but the resolution has a value, so Jira assumes the task is “Done.”

This has major implications for business especially if a ticket shows up in reports and evaluations as “Done”, even though it was reopened and in “Progress” …

Is there a workaround or solution to this problem?

Hi there!

This is a great question and one that was recently answered through the power of the Atlassian Community.

It is possible to re-empty the Resolution Field straightforwardly. The problem can actually be corrected with an Automation rule. The workaround uses the “Edit Field” action and then the “Advanced Options.”

This workaround saves admins a lot of effort in customizing workflows in their Jira Cloud instances and helps to get even more out of Jira automation. And the example nicely illustrates the value of an active, knowledgeable user community.