Jira Cloud - Can I also search for star ratings of issues via JQL in Jira?

I use your app, Awesome Custom Fields for Jira (Awesome custom fields - advanced Jira custom field types | Atlassian Marketplace) , for rating tickets on specific issues. I often notice that I would like to do specific searches via JQL to find out, for example, exactly how many tickets have four stars or how many tickets are rated at all.
Can I search for the ticket via the Jira Query Language and filter the related content?
Excellent app; otherwise, I am curious what will follow!

Hey there!

Excellent that you are already using our app - the JQL search across all our fields is relatively easy and described in our documentation: https://seibert.biz/acf-jira-documentation

For your specific questions, I’ve written out the JQL for you:

  1. show all fields that use a star rating:
    “Custom field name” is not EMPTY.
  2. “Custom field name” = 4 (accepted values for this field: 1 - 5)

The schema for the other field types like progress bars is very similar, so you can effortlessly search other use cases with JQL.

I hope we can help you with many more use cases - have you seen our new field, “Project Status - Traffic Light”? It’s a super easy way to show your project status and, most importantly, a quick way to screen where things might not be going well.

Ah, and just as an addition, a quick preview of the app and what it’s capable of, have a look at our video: