Jira Cloud - add contact option in Jira Service Management Portal

Is it possible to add a validated contact-option (e.g. a mobile number) directly inside the Jira Service Management Portal? I would like to add the option for any portal user to directly call the support for instant help.
JSM still is pretty limited in some ways as I often need to admit.

Unfortunately you are right - Jira Service Management is not only limited for their Admins and Users, but also for Dev-Teams trying to create more value.

To you question: In our App “Awesome Custom Fields for Jira” we offer the option to add a validated phone field. This way you can implement a direct call option to any issue as you wish. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to add this custom field to a Jira Service Management Portal or Ticket as Apps aren’t visible to JSM Users at all. Atlassian is working on a fix and (that is the good part) it should be released in December 2022. So not so long.
We will than be able to provide you with the needed custom field for your approach! :slight_smile:

You can also add way more different custom fields to add more value to your Jira Issue as well as make Jira a more user-friendly and easy to understand software. Feel free to install our app - it’s completely Free!

Hi there,

with the extension Awesome custom fields for JSM | Atlassian Marketplace were able to provide our custom fields in the request form and the request view.