Jira Cloud - Add Cascading Select with more than 3 Layers

In order to create an overview of components we are using, we need a cascading select with at least 5 layers as do have a pretty complex component-structure.
Atlassian itself only offers a custom field with not more than three layers. And on top of that, the configuration of the cascading select is pretty limited and not easy to use.
Do you recommend any alternative to the default? I am really in need of some more complex dropdown-structures.

Our App “Awesome Custom Fields for Jira” offers exactly the feature you are looking for. We do have a nice wysiwyg editor with drag and drop options for the easiest creation of complex structures and dependent dropdowns. There is no limit in depth and you are also able to add headings to each layer or the whole selection.
Feel free to add our app to your Jira - it’s completely free!