Is your checklist mobile app part of the Jira and Confluence app from Atlassian?

I do not understand how your apps for iOS and Android work. Do they hook into the existing apps from Atlassian for Jira and Confluence?

No, our mobile Apps for Checklists in the Atlassian Cloud are completely separate from the Atlassian mobile apps. That has multiple reasons:

  1. As of now, it’s impossible to add native features to Atlassian’s apps.
  2. We wanted to have a free and lightweight possibility to fill out checklists with an app easily and fast.

Our mobile apps have the following features:

  • Scan QR Codes of checklists
  • Use links from the clipboard to create new checklists
  • Fill out checklists: checking off checklist tasks, adding notes, taking and uploading pictures, and signing before completion
  • Create new checklists from templates that you have used in the past.

See our official documentation for more info.