Is there a way to document information from Jira tickets directly in Confluence automatically?

I’ve been asked to provide documentation about information that I already put in my Jira tickets by my superiors. It would be great if I could somehow automatically document certain information from a Jira ticket into Confluence, as we’re using that for our internal documentation and knowledge sharing. Is this possible

Hi there!
We understand that it can be tiresome to document something that you’ve just explained in detail in a Jira ticket. No one wants to do the same work twice.
That’s why we developed an app to do just that! It’s called AutoPage and it was made for just such use cases as yours. The best part is: it only takes 2 steps to set it up, and then it’s fully automatic. It even synchronises between Jira and Confluence, in both directions. Find out more in our blog article: Autopage Goes Cloud – the Easiest Solution for Your Documentation Problems