Is there a way to automate checklists in Jira?

Looking for a tool to streamline my project management by automatically updating checklists based on Jira events. Any suggestions?

Integrating didit Checklists with Jira Automation

If you’re looking to automate checklist management in Jira, didit Checklists now supports integration with Jira Automation. This allows for the automation of checklist actions within Jira based on specific triggers or conditions.

Key Features:

  • Use JSON or Markdown to dynamically add or modify checklists in Jira through automation.
  • Customizable workflows enhance task management and productivity.

How to Use:

  • For Automation: Leverage custom fields and references to automate your workflow.
  • JSON Configuration: Set issue properties with JSON for precise instructions.
  • Markdown for Simplicity: Use Markdown to specify tasks and headings directly.



  "action": "create_checklist_from_template",
  "id": "template_id_here",
  "merge": "replace"


# Deployment Checklist
## Prepare Deployment
- Task 1
## Deployment
- Task 2

Upcoming Features: We’re developing functionality to utilize didit custom fields for tracking checklist completion via automation.

For detailed setup instructions and more information, please visit our documentation: didit Jira Automation Integration.

Need Help? Navigating Jira Automation might be complex. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or chat with us for guidance.

This integration aims to streamline your project management process by making checklist handling more efficient and automated.