Is the focus on blog posts in Linchpin Intranets enough to engage and activate users?

One of the big questions we had, when evaluating your Linchpin solution, was: How can we have the fancy layout / new plugin stuff work with more than just blog posts? Our concern is that it is hard enough to get folks to do good documentation on their project. It will be even harder to have them then write a blog post about it.

What are your thoughts about this?

This is a great question. In a nutshell:

Linchpin is not only about good looking blog posts. All content is fully personalized. To engage people in sharing and creating content, we use the microblogging use case that made facebook so incredibly successful.

Every target group and every group needs their own way to collaborate. The personalization allows you to use this insight to change the dashboard for users, so that they get, what they need. There are a lot options:

  • Blog posts are great for important announcements that should get a lot of attention.
  • Microposts in different topics are quick and easy for status updates in projects, events or communities. Every space usually has multiple topics and like spaces everything can be rights protected.
  • Active personalization employed by the user is a good way to engage people: choosing news channels, important apps to use, spaces and pages to watch or users and topics in microblogs to follow. Users make it their community easily

Linchpin does not limit the options in Confluence at all. Every other Confluence app remains fully compatible.