Is technology created with accessible and inclusive in mind for individuals with disabilities?

Many people with disabilities still face significant difficulties in the workplace, but technology can play an essential role in creating an accessible work environment. Do companies such as Seibert Media consider this and are emerging technology solutions actually available to everyone?

Hi there,

This is an important question and one that as a company, we take seriously. Developers have the responsibility to promote accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. If software is not developed in an accessible way, then it can lead to unintentional exclusion. As a company, we are well of making sure this does not happen.

Take for instance our Linchip Intranet Suite, a social intranet for Confluence Server and Data Center. To ensure that we are connecting all people, teams, locations, and tools - we are working on making Linchpin barrier-free for all users. For example, Linchpin offers keyboard navigation and currently, we are working hard to make Linchpin compatible with a screen reader that allows texts to be read aloud.