Is Linchpin difficult for new users to learn and incorporate into existing business tools?

Hello! We already use a number of different tools like Google Chat and Slack. How is Linchpin different and will our users need to go through any sort of training?

Hey there…thanks for your question!

You’re right, there are a number of different tools out there we’re all already making use of. Different chat clients (or multiple ones at the same time), intranet and wikis, on top of things like email.

Linchpin was designed to be business environment friendly, without being like a traditional social media platform - insert your favorite OR least favorites ones!

This article gives some background as to how and why our business communication tools have changed over the last few years and what the experience is like for new users, what separates Linchpin from other tools you and your teams are already making use of, and if interested, how to try it out and explore implementing it at your organization.

As always, any additional questions after you’ve had a chance to dive in, please let us know here. We’re always happy to help.

PS - Linchpin is an intergral tool for us at Seibert Media with a growing number of us now working from here in the States but wanting to keep in close touch with our colleagues back in Germany.