Is it possible to visualize scheduled processes on a per-person calendar with the Didit Checklist app?

Explanation of the Question: I’ve been using the Didit Checklist app in tandem with Jira for organizing various processes. As the number of scheduled processes increases, my agenda gets busier and occasionally conflict arises. I’m curious to know if the Didit app provides a feature to visualize all the processes in a calendar format, divided by individuals involved. This would help avoid conflicts and provide a clear overview of everyone’s tasks.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Currently, the Didit Checklist app doesn’t support the feature to display processes in a per-person calendar view. The app operates on anonymous checklist checking, which is a conscious decision to enable a smooth user experience. A key advantage of this approach is that virtually anyone can participate in checklist tasks by simply scanning a QR code. We’ve designed the system to be compatible with any smartphone and also offer dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

We’re always looking to enhance our app based on user feedback. Your idea of a per-person calendar view is intriguing. Feel free to suggest this feature in our voting community. We’re continually developing and refining our features based on users’ valuable insights.

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