Is it possible to create custom menus in Confluence?

We have hundreds if not thousands of Spaces and pages in our Confluence wiki, which makes it very difficult to find the right ones, so I’m wondering: is there a way to create a menu for Confluence to make navigating around it easier?

Hello there!
You’re right, it can be difficult to navigate Confluence if you have so many Spaces and pages. The larger the company, the more challenging finding the right page becomes.
We’ve actually created an app called Navigation Menus for Confluence that lets you add your own custom menu, which is very easy to adjust, should you need to add or remove links or change it around in any other way. You can even create different menus for different user groups, even external ones!
To find out more, check out the Atlassian Marketplace page for Navigation Menus for Confluence and read this blog article for some more inspiration on how you could use the app: Navigating the Maze of Confluence: How Navigation Menus Can Help Your Company.