Is it possible to check the completion progress of the Didit checklist in the Jira task list without having to enter the task?

In managing my e-commerce business, I’m utilizing both the Didit Checklist app and Jira. Efficiency is key in my workflows, and I’m seeking a way to view the completion progress of my checklists directly from the task list in Jira, eliminating the need to open each individual task. Does the Didit app offer a feature to support this?

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Absolutely! Our Didit Checklist app indeed offers this feature. The app allows the display of custom fields in your Jira issue list or on a card in a Jira board. For a detailed guide on this feature, you can visit our Show Checklist Completion in Jira Boards documentation. Please note, this feature is only accessible for company-managed projects in Jira Cloud.

This feature enhances your workflow by enabling you to view the completion status of checklists on Jira boards, thereby providing a faster and more efficient overview of your checklist status. It allows you to see the percentage of completion as a number or a string, which displays both the total number of checked items and the completion percentage, on a Jira board or in Jira issues.

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