Is Checklists for Confluence Cloud secure? How about privacy and data security?

I am looking for more specific privacy information about Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams. The Privacy Policy is generic and appears to be a boilerplate version intended to cover all apps created by //SIEBERT/MEDIA. I need to know if Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams collects and/or stores any user data. If it is collected and stored, where is it stored?

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Thanks for asking. We’re leveraging the Google Cloud Platform in Zone “Europe West 3” in Frankfurt, Germany at this point. We fully comply with GDPR and the strict German and most international standards for privacy and data security. The app does save data that you put in the checklists. So theoretically personal information (as text) could be stored in a task of a checklist. But that’s neither recommended, nor useful. That’s more of a hypothetical case.

We do allow checklist admins to require signatures, which will be saved as SVG-files. But that’s also only images not connected to any personal data. The app itself works anonymously and does not save any personal data.

Does that help?

If you’re interested, please pick a slot in our calendars to talk about this and the app in a call.