Integrated chat solution for JIRA Service Desk

Can you recommend any chat solutions fully integrated into JIRA Service Desk?

We would like to offer a chat for our signed in customers to speed up and improve the customer service, but we also want to be able to directly create a JIRA Service Desk issue out of a chat discussion.

Basic requirements

  • logged in customer, therefore contact data is available
  • simply generate JSD ticket directly from the chat conversation
  • add transcript, attachments, etc. of the chat conversation to the JSD ticket
  • nice to have: also access Confluence KB from chat, e.g., share links from the Confluence KB

So far I heard about …

  • Olark - JSD add-on available for integration
  • LiveChat Inc. - JSD add-on available for integration
  • Intercom - no JSD add-on available but heard it is possible to connect those two system

We have Intercom and a kind of a chatbot, that will create a JIRA issue by typing “/JIRA” as an internal comment:

I like this a lot. It is after all trying to bring to software systems together. The live chat in Intercom is really awesome.

Yes, that is something that looks nice, and as it works for JIRA I assume this also counts for JIRA Service Desk.

I’d like to create a JIRA Service Desk ticket/issue right away from the chat. Some data should already be transferred to the JSD ticket (e.g., transcript, requester), however the agent can still add further data to the JSD ticket before saving.

Did you have to do some developing to this? Or was there a solution offered by Intercom?

We created the solution ourselves and it does transfer information directly into the JIRA ticket automatically. Right now, this is custom made software for internal use at //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We could check, if it can be made available for customers …

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Hi folks,

Janusz from Spartez here.

Sorry for a bit of commercial break, but we have just released the Chat for Service Desk (server) app - aptly named ‘Chat for Service Desk’. It provides a real-time chatting solution that helps your site visitors / app users connect with teams working through service desk.

It is NOT an integration with a 3rd party chatting service - it is self-contained - you just install the app in Service Desk, place a bit of javascript on your web site (or just enable the chat on your customer portal) and you have full chat support.

It has a bunch of nifty features:

  • Creates issues out of chat conversations on-the-fly
  • Turns customer’s messages into issue comments - updating issue views in real time
  • Turns your issue comments into messages within the chat
  • Handles request queues updates
  • Lets you see which customers are currently online
  • Allows support personnel to toggle their availability
  • Chat widget is replaced with email when all agents are offline
  • Send the customer chat digests through email
  • Fully optimized for mobile web pages
  • Chat look & feel is customisable

Interested? You may want to try it out! It’s just fresh-out on the Atlassian Marketplace.

An introduction video can also be viewed here.

Janusz Gorycki,

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@mraab sorry for hijacking this thread just wanted to give my two cents here - if it’s still helpful.

I am the creator of Intercom for Jira (available in the Atlassian Marketplace). It has a very similar mechanism (with slash-commands) to create, link and comment Jira and JSD issues from Intercom.

We are currently working on a native Intercom app that will provide improved usability when creating these operations.

Feel free to get in touch via Intercom on if you have any further questions.

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