How to structure the Linchpin Intranet team on the professional service provider side / as a Linchpin Partner?

We’ll need to put together a project team from our side to support this implementation, if/when it comes to this.

I’m expecting we’ll need the following:

  1.  Business Analyst with Confluence/Linchpin experience (already have one);
  2.  Project Manager (already have one);
  3.  Technical Consultant to support interface development (not yet – need to understand skill requirements), testing and deployment; and
  4.  IT support – from the client’s IT department. (already in place with Conflunece knowledge)

Today //SEIBERT/MEDIA uses the team who creates the Linchpin product to back up all other teams and deliver a reliable product. All Linchpin partners, customers and our internal teams get direct access (not command) to these teams so that they can refine their priorities and be in contact with the market to offer an awesome product experience. That’s a given.

Key Account Manager
For the project team we recommend a key account manager who is the first and last face in the project and meanwhile the way to escalate stuff. This needs to be a seasoned and competent consultant who can manage expectations and has significant in steering and deescalating big projects and work with massive organizations including their politics. It’s probably the most important role. This person is also responsible for the economic outcome and the risk that comes with a fixed price project deal. In our own project we always provide this person ourselves. For all Linchpin partner projects that partners have to have that person available both in terms of time / capacity and willingness to help the customer to make their intranet a success.

Project Manager and Consultant
Linchpin intranets are often out of the box solutions with some adaptations. We try to have a standardized way of carrying out projects. That helps customers and Linchpin partners to follow a consistent and systematic approach and also ensures that the quality of the resulting intranets is high. It does not mean however that this is easy or a job for a junior. Customers always want a taylored solution that fits. That’s the responsibility of the project manager and consultant.

Assistant and Configration
Linchpin intranets offer a wide variety of use cases. To help customers exploit its potential it is common that we structure, configure and fill the intranet with content according to the project meeting results. That is done by the consultant’s assitance or the consultant himself / herself.

Specialists: Technical Consultant and Designer
The consultant is accompanied by an experienced team of technical consultants and designers for various tasks in the project that need special knowledge that the consultant does not have. These specialists are often pulled in on demand. If the Linchpin partner needs that, //SEIBERT/MEDIA will share their specialists to fulfill such “deep” tasks.