How good is the Gliffy mass importer in real life?

I see your marketing that it is only one click to convert all of our Gliffy diagrams to I have compared prices and I like your product. But how good is your mass conversion in the field? Can you give me an estimate of how much time I will spend? Do you have partners who can help with this?


It is indeed as easy as described to import all Gliffy diagrams. You need to be admin with sufficient rights to write all pages with Gliffy-Macros on it in order to do the mass-import.
We have a ton of successful Gliffy-conversions with thousands of diagrams.
To minimise the risk during the import please test it before on smaller instances or a test-system.

If you need any assistance on a further import, please write a mail to so we can get in touch with you.

Fore more general info on for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our webpage.

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