How does Checklists for Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud compare to other checklist apps on the Atlassian Marketplace?

We’re relatively new to the Atlassian Marketplace and using Jira and Confluence. But we need a checklist app for our pharmaceutical organization. I’ve found the following apps so far:

I understand, that you build these two apps:

  1. Checklists for Confluence Cloud
  2. Checklist for Jira - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams

These are apps from other vendors, right?

  1. Issue Checklist for Jira. Free
  2. Checklist for Jira
  3. Smart Checklist for Jira. Free
  4. Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro
  5. Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro
  6. Checklist for Jira Cloud. Free
  7. Multiple Checklists for Jira
  8. Simple Tasklists
  9. Personal Checklist For Jira Cloud. Free
  10. ToDo Issue Checklist with Forge
  11. Checklist for Jira On-the-Fly
  12. Checklist for Jira Cloud. Enterprise
  13. Pulse.Checklist

How does all this compare? Where are your strength? Where do other apps shine?

Thanks for asking. That’s an interesting question that we’ve heard from customers for quite some time. Also, knowing who you are and who you’re not is part of our constant process to define what’s part of our product’s scope and what is not.

There is no simple answer to your question. And we’re not overly concerned about how our features and use cases stack up against competitors. But we do have strengths. And those other apps have an edge in certain areas as well.

Here are some quick notes. I am planning to add to this list in the future:

  • We focus on business teams and use cases that help to drive down errors and mistakes in routine processes. Read this blog post to understand why checklists matter in business teams.
  • Other apps focus on very Jira specific features like adding light-weight tasks instead of “Jira subtasks”.
  • Other apps have thousands of installations. We’ve just started out.
  • We focus on a high value and cohesive solution for our customers. It’s not our goal to copy features from other apps.
  • We have mobile apps for iOS and Android. No other app offers this as far as I know.
  • We offer public links that allow anyone on the internet to fill out a checklist even without a login.
  • We offer a checklist admin area. That’s unique.
  • We offer a checklist customer portal for external users. That’s also something that only we can provide.
  • Our solution works simultaneously in Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud and synchs checklists across your account so that you can work in both tools seamlessly.
  • Out of your list we’re the only solution out there that also offers something for Confluence Cloud.
  • Both apps are 100% free.