How difficult is the interface development and is it part of the Linchpin budget?

There will need to be some analysis of a number of interface requirements in order to complete this deployment successfully; would this be something generally covered within Linchpin’s Project costs?
Also, once those interfaces requirements have been determined, they will also need to be built. What are the most common technologies does Linchpin use to interface with other systems?

Very short answer: Yes and yes.

Short: Yes, it is difficult but we’ll change that soon (probably January 2017). Yes, it is covered by the professional services budget.

Longer: We have implemented Linchpin Intranets as a solution including custom design of the interface more than 30 times. The efforts needed are substantial and a significant part of our project cost structure. The big upside is that we get really good looking and nifty layouts and intranet interfaces that are unique. The downside is high cost, longer waiting times as our developers are often busy, increased efforts for updates with themes and so on. We’ve started to change that significantly in the past and strive to offer a complete new way of doing layouts that is quick, easy, update-proof and impossible to break. It’s a hot thing in our company at this point and a lot of our consultants wait on this right now. If you want an invididual demo, we can offer that already. Ping us again in January 2017 on this …