How can the Didit Checklist app handle processes involving two or more people? Are mini-checklists within subtasks the best practice? Is there any documentation on this?

I have a number of tasks in my e-commerce business that require collaboration between multiple team members. These tasks are managed through the Didit Checklist app and Jira. I’m curious to know the best practices for handling these collaborative tasks. Could mini-checklists within subtasks be a suitable solution? Or does the Didit Checklist app offer other features or methods that could better facilitate such processes?

Photo by Bram Kunnen on Unsplash

Currently, the Didit Checklist app doesn’t support user-specific delegation or task auditing. All task checks remain anonymous. We invite you to suggest these features in our voting community.

However, we can offer a workaround to your query. You can create recurring checklists to avoid multiple people creating identical checklists (daily, weekly, or monthly). With this approach, everyone will be working on the same checklist. In our documentation, you can learn more about recurring checklists.

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