How can I send shapes to another layer in for Confluence?

I started creating a diagram and then realized, that I have to work with different layers. Now I have the problem that I have a new layer but all the shapes I already created are in the “Background” layer. Do I have to completely redo the shapes on the other layer or can I send them to the target layer somehow?

Hi there. Yes, you can just send the shapes and connectors or your choice to a new layer without having to start all over again. To start, first make the layer panel visible (Menu > View > Layers). Now select all the shapes you’d like to move and then go to the layer panel. At the bottom, you’ll see a box icon with an arrow on top located to the right of the trash bin. This is the Move selection to option. Now click on the box icon and choose a layer. All of your shapes will be transferred immediately. You can confirm this by unchecking/checking the boxes for both the initial and the target layer.

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