How can I make sure I don't forget any steps in my consulting process?

I do a lot of consulting for other companies and it’s a huge chore to create the same issues in Jira every time I get a new client, and I’m always afraid I might forget something. The competition in this field is enormous, so I want to come across as professional as possible.
How do I make sure I don’t forget anything?

Hi there!
You’re right, the consulting business is huge and just keeps growing, so we understand you want to stand out by being as professional as possible.
You mentioned that you use Jira, and because of that, we can help you out! With our Jira app (which you can try out for free, by the way), you can save whole setups of Epics, Issues and Subtasks, including embedded variables that you’ll be prompted to fill in every time you create a new series of Jira issues using your template.
If you want to find out how it works, read our blog article: Organizing Your Consulting Delivery Projects in Jira.