How can I convert checklist tasks into Atlassian Jira issues?

In your checklists app for Atlassian Cloud. Is there a way to create Jira issues from the checklists?

Converting checklist tasks into Jira issues is a simple and efficient way to manage your tasks and stay organized. Here are the steps to convert a checklist task into a Jira issue:

  1. Open the checklist where the task is located.
  2. Click on the meatball menu (usually represented by three dots) on the task you want to convert.
  3. Select the option to convert the task into a Jira issue.
  4. A new Jira issue will be created and linked to the task in the checklist description.
  5. You can also create a subtask with a single click in the meatball menu, without any modal or further input needed.

By converting your checklist tasks into Jira issues, you can easily track and follow up on bigger tasks, keep all your tasks organized in one place and create subtasks with a single click. It’s important to note that this feature requires an active Jira account, so make sure you have one before trying to convert a task.

You will also be able to see the created issue in the checklist task description, including a link, so you don’t have to navigate between different tools.

In conclusion, converting checklist tasks into Jira issues is a great way to streamline your task management and stay organized, providing you with better visibility and control over your tasks.

Please see our release notes and our documentation for more info.