How can I change the content on one of the Dashboards in the Linchpin demo instance?


have been using Confluence and are testing Linchpin with your demo instance. How can I change the content on one of the Dashboards in the Linchpin demo instance? How I can move widgets across the homepage and change the layout / columns of the homepage. For instance, how can I move the Microblogging widget to the top left hand side of the homepage, and make ‘Company news’ a smaller section in the top right hand corner?

You’ll need admin rights to follow along, and I’ll use the demonstration instance as the example.

First, go to Admin > Global Templates and Blueprints , and scroll down to System Blueprints to see the Default Welcome Message Blueprint .

When you edit this, you’ll see it contains a personalized content macro, and no other content. Edit the macro configuration to find out which content group is used to fill the macro with content. In this example, it’s the “dashboard” content group.

Now that you know this, go to Admin > Personalized Content > Configure
You’ll see a list of the different content and their content groups. Let’s look at the Washington ‘dashboard’. Click the pencil icon on that row in the table, and you’ll see the pageId that is used as the template ‘container’ needed to personalize the dashboard.

You’ll need to build the URL to go directly to that page though. In this example, it’s Log In - Linchpin

Edit this page to see that it simply contains an excerpt containing another page – the personalized content can’t display the correct personalized content on the dashboard, without going through this intermediate step, it seems.

Click on the excerpt macro, and Go to the included page .

Finally, this is the page you can edit which will change the layout on the front dashboard for that particular content/user group.

Of course, if you knew the page used as the main dashboard was titled “Dashboard”, you could search for it: