Help with creativity in Confluence

We love the collaboration we’ve found using Confluence for our internal documentation, wiki’s, team pages, etc. Very easy to learn, some good templates to work from…however that standard, canned “look” we get is getting a little hard to look at. We don’t need designer-quality pages, but it’d be nice to have something more attractive and engaging than what we’ve been cranking out. Any options?

You’re not alone. Our teams are in Confluence each and every day, either creating new pages or working/editing/updating existing ones. It’s about as essential as essential can be for many organizations like yours, ours, and many, many others!

But you are also correct that the standard look of a Confluence page, particularly when you’re looking at a dozen or more a day, can wear on you a bit. Yes it has the information we need, but sometimes it feels like you really have to force yourself to stay engaged and find the content you need because it’s so “blah”.

There is a great app, Aura (Content Formatting Macros) that can definitely help! It’s very easy to customize some, or all, of the elements on your pages (titles, dividers, buttons, on and on). And if you’re wanting to do entire pages at once, check out the Karma app by the same developers.

If you need a quick start tutorial, here’s one I’d recommend; “The Best Way to Share Content in Confluence Cloud”. In a very short period of time, you’ll be able to design visually compelling pages while continuing to deliver the content information you need.