Have you ever copied meeting-minutes from the previous week instead of starting from scratch?

Does it sound familiar to you? You have regular meetings - let’s say once a week - and to keep up on what is going on you simply go to the meeting minute from the same meeting the week before, copy it, change the data and adapt whatever is necessary for this week.

This is quite commonly done in our organization and I cannot really endorse that.

On the other hand I do understand why people are doing that - it is simply a practical way of doing it.

However, if you start using comments, and you want to use the Confluence search this is quite confusing. Basically the same content exists x amount of times within one Confluence instance. The search becomes useless, if comments are made it is impossible to find those, and I am sure there are quite a few other drawbacks using this method.

Do you have any suggestions how to improve that? How are you doing this in your business?

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The official way of doing this by Atlassian is to use Blueprints in Confluence and have an automated list on a page. That’s possible but fosters exactly the problem you’ve been demonstrating here. It’s not a big problem though. Most teams still use Microsoft Word for such meeting protocols and that totally sucks.

Here is an example from one of our teams. They use one single page and add a paragraph for each new meeting. All recent meetings are collapsed. That’s a nice way of solving this.

Does this help, @mraab?

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I like the idea of having it on one single page but using the expand macro. I will definitely try that. I think it also eases the usage of action items (tasks) for meeting protocols, as there can be one single section that summarizes all action items of all weekly meetings on that specific topic.

Do you have any performance issues if doing so? Sometimes we have really a lot of information in meeting-minutes. If I imagine that the content is there 52 times for a full year on one page, I am not quite sure how Confluence handles that.

Or does this just serve as an overview and you create a sub-page for each discussed topic as I can see it in “Notizen / Beschlüsse dazu”?

No, that’s not slowing down page rendering in a way that you would notice. Still if you would use a lot of inline videos and document previews you may want to create a second archive page with old meeting protocols at one point. Buth that’s not something that should hold you back from trying this.

The idea with the sub-pages is an option. But we never needed it so far …

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