Google Workspace - What's new in Google Workspace in May 2021?


do you have any news about Google Workspace? I manage to always find the best tips on this forum about the Google apps, so, I figured, I ask :slight_smile: …

Hi, yes, Max just published a cool new video about brand new features in Google Workspace.

You can now use Google Maps in the quick access side panel, see changes and editors of a range of content in Docs, images above or behind text in Google Docs and there are new options for customizing a charts line and fill styling in Sheets. Check out the tools for the transition from classic to new Google Sites and check when your Google Meet codes expire, find more space and control over layouts in Google Meet, and Cloud Search finds OCR text in images that occur in PDF files. Take a look at master view in Google Slides renamed to Theme Builder, save photos from Gmail messages directly to Google Photos and check out smart canvas and present from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides directly to Google Meet.

And if you missed Max’ tips from April 2021:

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