Google Workspace: Streamline meetings in Google Meet

Since Corona, I’ve been stuck in remote meetings in Google Meet all the time. One meeting follows the next. I have the feeling that the meetings are not so well structured and that too many people take part, so that we often don’t reach a proper solution to the problems or issues. Do you have any tips on how we can streamline our meetings in Google Meet and make them more productive and structured?

We have several tips on how you can make your meetings in Google Meet more productive. First of all, you can consider whether a meeting is necessary at all - or whether you could also advance your problems or subjects by email or chat etc… In addition, only as many people as necessary should take part in a meeting; those who cannot contribute to a topic should, for example, simply be sent documentation of the meeting results afterwards. Something like a meeting agenda or a person to moderate the meeting can also make meetings more productive and structured.

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