Google Workspace - Set up a catch-all address

How can I get mails that are sent to a not existing email address into my gmail inbox?

To ensure that messages addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain can still be received, you can create a catch-all address.

The following procedure might help you to set up a catch-all address using the Routing settings in the Admin console.

  1. Do the initial steps to sign in, select the organization if necessary, open the Routing setting, and enter a description for the new setting.
  2. For email messages to affect, select Inbound, Internal-receiving, or both.
  3. Set up an envelope filter if you want the rule to affect only specific envelope senders and recipients. You can specify single recipients by entering an email address for that user. You can also specify groups.
  4. Under For the above types of messages, select Modify message.
  5. Under Envelope recipient, select Change envelope recipient.
  6. Select Enter new username.
  7. Enter a catch-all address in the empty field next to @exisiting-domain. For example, enter jsmith.
  8. Click Show options.
  9. Under Account types to affect, check the Unrecognized / Catch-all box. Uncheck Users and Groups.
  10. Click Add setting.
  11. Save the configuration.

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