Google Workspace - Organise Gmail inbox so that only important mails are visible

My Gmail inbox is totally full - new emails are coming in all the time. I am currently more busy answering emails than doing my “real” work. Do you have any tips on how to manage my email inbox so that I can answer emails and can still do my important work? And do you know how I can sort my Gmail inbox so that only important mails appear there?

In fact, you can increase your productivity and put your focus back on your “real” tasks by re-organizing your email inbox. It helps to bring a clear structure to your Gmail inbox. But at its core, it’s about checking your email much less frequently - preferably only once or twice a day. You can find many tips from Google on how to best to do this in this blog article: According to Google, You Can Increase Your Productivity and Wellbeing By Transforming your Inbox

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