Google Workspace - Groups or email-address without additional licensed user?

Is there a possibility to create functional accounts, like groups, without having to purchase an additional license for Google Workspace?

For example, can the users Tim and Max access the e-mail account

In Google Workspace you’ll find the so-called Google Groups. You can find those in the admin area as Groups.

A group offers in Google Workspace on the one hand, the possibility to grant certain rights to users and on the other hand, it’s a distributor for emails.

In your case, with the address info@, this address would be a group and the users Tim and Max members of that same group. So all mails would be sent to the group and would also be received by Tim and Max.

Common groups are, besides info@, accounting or google@ for our team.

You can create as many groups in the admin area and add members as you need or wish. You then choose the rights each member should have and who can send to this group or who can join it.

You can check this link for more information on groups.

To find more information about Google Workspace in general click here.

Oh great, thanks.

Is it possible for the other users to see which mail has already been answered or not? The groups would just work as a distributor, correct?

It’s necessary to always answer all users then. G Mail has this special button:


The group will be in CC and all will see the answer of the other users.

Addtionally, you can also use the old
Groups Interface, so all conversations in a group can be seen and everybody can participate.