Google Workspace - delete user but send automatically generated email if contacted

We have created 13 users. However, 2 users are no longer working for us. Now, of course, I can simply delete the users, since we are also billed by user, but we would like to create a reply mail generated by us for the 2 users, if someone would still contact these two. If I delete the two users, the sender receives an error message. In principle, it could also be an automatic mail to all addresses that are not created.

Is this possible?

I have to answer your request in two parts.

Unfortunately, in the admin console, you can’t define automated replies that are sent out according to certain rules.
What you can do in the admin console is to remapping the email addresses. This means that the email that was sent to ends up in the inbox of A tutorial on how to do this can be found here: Redirect incoming messages to another email address

Second, you can create a template within the receiving inbox, which you can then also filter (Create rules to filter your emails - Gmail Help) as an automatic reply.

The other is a “catchall” address, which you can also create and which forwards all emails that cannot be assigned to a user to a specific address (Email routing and delivery options for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help). There you would have to trick with the forwarding (e.g. add a string to the subject) so that you can apply a rule to it.

Such rules work best if you create them for general mailboxes, so that they can remain permanently and for a long time.

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