Gliffy migration from server to cloud

We have Gliffy on Confluence Server and we’re now migrating to Confluence Cloud. Is there anything specific I should do to migrate the Gliffy diagrams and any gotchas I should know about?

Gliffy don’t have any known steps that should be taken when migrating from an on-premise Confluence to cloud. They do list some issues.

  1. Links to Confluence pages in diagram will not work. To fix this you will need to find all Gliffy diagrams and manually check them for links to pages. When a link is found, the on-premise Confluence instance needs to be running to determine which page the pageID refers to. You then need to find the corresponding page on the cloud instance and replace the link in the diagram with the new page link. This needs to be done for all links in all diagrams.

  2. Custom shape libraries cannot be ported, they must be re-created from scratch on the cloud instance.

If you’re asking us because you wish to migrate to on cloud, it’s very important that you perform the gliffy-> migration on the server/DC source instance. has mechanisms to export information from one instance and use that to correct issues on the target instance.

If you perform the migration to cloud with gliffy installed, you will lose information that cannot recover.

Links in diagrams is one example. will correct all page links in diagrams for you as part of the import process. For a large instance this can save weeks of error-prone manual work.

Fore more general info on for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our webpage.

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