Help. My guess is like many teams that use Confluence, all our pages look the same. We’re not looking for agency-level design here, but we need something to make our pages more engaging, most especially our individual intro pages for ourselves. Any ideas?

Understood…Confluence is a great tool for internal documentation creation and collaboration, but over time that “look” it sets for each page can get repetitive. And you’re right, for something where you want to highlight and put your best foot forward for your own individual page, this can be frustrating.

The good, no GREAT, news is there is an app available on the Marketplace that’s very easy to use and will make you all look like those agency designers without spending hours trying and failing to create something special.

Actually there’s two apps, both from the designers at AppAnvil: Aura and Karma. Aura is helpful for various, individual Confluence page elements like buttons, dividers, titles and Karma takes a more wholelistic approach reformatting entire pages and the elements within them.

This would be a good article to start with as it walks through Aura to conquer your dilemma, Making a People-centric Confluence Page.

We think this will get you headed in the right direction…enjoy!

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