Easy Events RSVP - highlight by categories and filter options by categories

Hi, may I ask a question about the Easy Events addon?

Is it possible to highlight categories in the calendar view in color?

And is it part of your plans that one can filter the calendar view according to the categories?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sure we are happy to answer your question about our Easy Events RSVP.

For now, unfortunately, the function you are asking for regarding the colors of the events, is not available at this moment. We would ask you to please vote for the feature request we created for this some time ago. There you are welcome to vote for the feature, discuss ideas with other users and also open up new feature requests. Check it out, we are happy to hear from you there!

To embed the calendar macro in a certain Confluence page is already possible. The editor of a page has the possibility to pre-filter the calendar view for certain event categories. That category will then be rendered by the macro and can’t be adjusted by the user:


I hope that helped you and if you have further questions about this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.