Draw.io - is the text in a chart searchable in Confluence?

I am using draw.io now and like it. But I need to work on a huge project now and don’t really want to repeat the text in the charts on the Confluence page, just use the charts. When we need to find the right page, can we search somehow for the content that’s inside the charts? Thanks, guys.

Hey, yes, the text content in a draw.iodiagram is now indexed after saving it, and is therefore findable with the search – just like all native Confluence content.

Here we got a blog article for you to read all about this cool feature that was implemented not too long ago: Draw.io for Confluence: Diagrams Integrated Deeper With Indexing of Text - News, tips & guidance for agile, development, Atlassian-Software (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, ...) and Google Cloud

Fore more general info on draw.io for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our draw.io webpage.

And some great blogposts! Blog - draw.io