Draw.io - Can I use "complex shape" in CSV import?

I am looking at the CSV import. The info page says no complex shapes. Does that mean that if I have a shape with child shapes (like a box with a small hexagon to the upper right), I cannot use it?

I am trying to accomplish an import of different types of components, where the components use shapes with decorations/stickers in the corners (for deployment, managing vendor, etc). I have created the basic shape for the component (by editing the mxgraph xml and importing) and then adding the shape to a shapelibrary. I want to generate a set of these shapes based on some text input.

Example box data (excluding relationships):
Product Configurator;Internal;AWS;Capgemini
Sales Order Management;External;Central;IBM

As other routes go, I have thought about trying to script the creation, perhaps creating a plugin, perhaps like SQL import. But CSV import seems to do pretty much what I need.

Another option would be to use text generation and then change the shapes manually, but not so good.

Or perhaps use the update plugin, if that could edit the shape type. I have not checked it deeply yet.

BR! /marcus

Because the CSV to diagram conversion is a script, you are limited to the default shapes in the draw.io shape libraries. The conversion script can’t use custom shapes or container shapes that contain child shapes.

You can, however, add images (via a URL) to shape labels as in the example in the CSV insert dialog.

Thanks for your reply. I get that the answer to my first and overall question is no.

I do not understand when you write: “because [it] is a script, you are limited to default shapes […]”. Where you say container shapes cannot be used, because:

The text import tool does create container shapes (UML class boxes with fields) - is that not a script?
Same for the sql import tool, it only creates container shapes (ERD type boxes) - is that not a script?

Reason for me seeking clarification, is that I am looking for ways to accomplish my goal, and understand what ways there are towards that goal.

If there is no way via script, then I guess I must generate and import the xml. Which seems more hacky, but can be done.

BR! /marcus

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