Do you write questions and answers yourself on this platform?

When I am reading through the questions on this page I notice that a lot of them are from anonymous users. And sometimes the answers come right after the questions which makes me wonder if this is all fake.

It’s true that we often post questions that we get from our customers ourselves as anonymous users and answer them afterwards with our own users later. There are multiple reasons for this practice:

  • Easy and quick pointers in Email support
    We use this platform to point our customers who contact us via Email here.
  • Deflecting support questions and offering quick self-service via web search
    Customers and prospects (like you) can find this content, inform themselves, and omit the need to get in contact with us to obtain the needed information.
  • Customers want to stay anonymous when we publish their support conversations
    We often find that conversations with customers should be public to help others. But when we ask them if we can publish them, most have answered that it’s fine if we let them stay anonymous. So this type of posting as an anonymous user and answering with our real user is the solution that came out of this process.

So: no, this is not fake. Although some of the conversations actually never happened, we truly believe that the content on this platform is helpful to you and other people who care about our solutions. Please feel free to comment where you feel, we may have missed out on aspects.