Do I need to pay the Atlassian Confluence license monthly? Is maintenance extra?

I was looking at the information for your Confluence license prices. Is it a monthly or yearly payment? Can you explain the difference of the license and the maintenance amount, please?

Thank you for posting a question about Confluence licensing and prices. Confluence licenses are paid on an annual basis.

  • Initial Purchase - This is the initial purchase of a license which includes security patches and software upgrades from Atlassian for one year.

  • Renewal Extension - This can be purchased to extend your initial license when the year is close to expiring. This is available at a discounted price and ensures you continue to receive support along with upgrades to your Confluence software.

Here is more information about this: //SEIBERT/MEDIA Confluence pricing.

The majority of our customers use Confluence server. But just for the whole picture. What about Confluence Cloud pricing?

Confluence Cloud pricing is a little different than Confluence Server licensing.

Confluence Cloud along with all other Atlassian Cloud pricing is paid on a monthly basis as a subscription model. That means the pricing for your Confluence site is based on the highest number of users who access the system in that month.

Atlassian holds your credit card details on file, and will charge you each month to keep your Confluence site and support going. Atlassian provides you with a billing estimate for each month as well so you are not unaware of what your charge will be for the following month.

See more information about Atlassian Cloud Pricing in this detailed document.

I am not sure I understand the term “initial license” (server option), I had understood that the license is a one time purchase and good “for life”? Can you explain that a little further, please? Thanks.

Hi anonymous103,

Your first purchase of a Confluence license (“initial license”) includes a 12 month support and upgrade period.

You can then choose to extend your license to continue to receive Atlassian support and software upgrades after that 12 month period. If you choose not to extend your license you will not be able to upgrade your Confluence instance or receive support from Atlassian in case of issues.

Atlassian has outlined a lot of this information in their Licensing FAQ, and covers what happens when you don’t extend your license after the first 12 months.

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