Custom User Profile Issues

Hello, I am using the trial version of your “custom user profile” add-on and I see that the “search by field” is not getting the latest results.

Currently, I have hobbies as painting, Java and in the past i had it as dancing, painting and something else… When I search for dancing, I still see that my user profile is being picked. Is the database sync having any issues?

Hi Deepti,

I would suggest to rebuild the index. If the first rebuild doesn’t solve the issue, give it a second or a third try. If it’s still not solved then, it might be necessary to rebuilding the index from scratch.

I hope this helps.

PS: Have a look at the new Custom User Profile version 2.0, which was released recently: Custom User Profile 2.0 Lets Confluence User Profiles Shine

Thanks the reindexing of searched did the trick… but how frequently do we have to reindex? As it might not be wise to do it every night to pick the changes.

In a big picture, how do I over come this issue, so that I dont have to reindexing after every person updates his profile, as we have atleast 2000 people accessing Jira as of now… And anticipate for more people to access… Reindexing everyday might not be practical… Could you please help me with a better solution to immediately have the updates available for searching.

Profile changes should be updating the index almost immediately, so the changes should be available for searching almost straight away. The issue here is your Confluence index. It looks like it is not getting updated automatically for some reason, you have to trigger the reindexing by hand. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that, because the issue is not withhin our plugin, is’s as said within the Confluence index, which is maintained by Atlassian. You can reach out for support to Atlassian or to an Atlassian Partner. For now you can look for a solution on the following KB-Overview: Searching and Indexing Troubleshooting

You can convince yourself, that the Custom User Profile plugin is working well, on our Linchpin demo instance.

On the following site you can test the Custom User Search. Feel free to change the profile information of kholmes and the macro configuration on that site for testing.

I hope this is helpful.