"CreateFromTemplate" Macro doesn't work with Blueprint Creator

Hello all,

I am trying to create a blueprint with the blueprint creator. In this blueprint template I want to insert the “CreateFromTemplate” Macro to use a template by clicking this button/macro. I am inserting it in the template like you insert all macros to a page but I cant pick any template in the settings of the template. The drop down menu is empty.
If I insert the macro to a normal page outside of the blueprint creator I can pick all the templates that are available in our confluence. On the following site it is mentioned to insert this plugin by creating a index page blueprint but it dont work for me. https://junovi.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BLUEDOC/pages/226983937/Building+Automated+Index+Pages
Please help

Pascal Stephan

I am sure, that @anasri and David Hanke can help. I will ping them for you.

Hello @SPA,

It sounds like you would like to include the “Create from Template” macro in a Page Blueprint. I would have to check if there are any technical difficulties in selecting a template in a template on the technical side.

As for the example you found in our documentation, the idea here is to integrate the “Create from Template” macro on the overview page or index page, which also contains the “Page Properties Report” macro, not in the actual Blueprint. By doing this, we allow users to simply select the relevant blueprint that generates the content for our index page with just one click, without having to search for the right blueprint.

I hope that answers your question.