Confluence - looking for a wordcount macro

Is there a wordcount macro in Confluence? Can’t find the feature anywhere and I really need it.

Hi, unfortunately, Confluence does not offer wordcount as a standard feature. Here is a JIRA ticket with a request where you can also voice your opinion:
[CONFSERVER-7792] Text statistics like word count, character count, etc. - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products..

But there is an easy workaround: nowadays your browser can do that. For Chrome, for example, there are add-ons like Word Counter Plus:

Word Counter Plus - Chrome Web Store.

Other browsers offer similar extensions.

I had this same problem, I do a lot or writing. And now I’m working with Confluence cloud.

So we built a solution, works pretty well so we added it to the Atlassian Marketplace, called Easy Word Count for Confluence Cloud.