Confluence - Language Manager, does it translate?

I would like to have some more info about your plugin Language Manager for Confluence. I don’t really understand what it does, what is the idea? I assume it does not translate, right? I would appreciate some explanations, if you can.

No, it does not translate as you already assumed. You would need to translate the content if needed and link the different pages. The general idea is to be able to link pages with similar or the same content but that are in different languages.

This link will explain the general idea and the linking to you: Language Manager User Guide 1.0

Great, that makes a lot of sense for multinationals like we are!

I was just wondering if somebody erases a page in one language, what happens to the link to the other pages?

The add-on intelligently removes links to deleted language versions that had been linked to each other before. So you don’t have to worry about “dead pages”.

Here is the link to the Atlassian Marketplace, just in case: