Confluence Language Manager, does it switch automatically to another page in another language?

Hi. I would like to know if the Language Manager changes the language in Confluence automatically to the translation of the page in another page (if that page exists)?

In our particular situation, we are offering our content in English and French and the french speaking users can access the information in French and the english speaking users in English. French users can see a french structure. English users see (and expect) an english one.

The language manager works like e.g. in Wikipedia. When you change the browser language, it does not react to that. The pages stays in the certain language. This is in Confluence an intended feature.

On the other hand, our solution Linchpin offers complete personalization:

That could solve your request. Using that feature, we solve this request in Confluence. According the profile information or settings, content is showed that is relevant to the user. And here also only in the language that the user speaks.