Confluence - is your Microblogging for Confluence plugin good for multiple timelines

Hey there. I was looking at Atlassian Marketplace, the plugin for microblogging on Confluence.

We have JIRA, Confluence and lots of users. I asked our IT for a multi-blog tool in our Confluence space and they suggested I let them know if I found one.

Question: does it work on different blogs on different pages?
Example: one blog that talks about a project design decision, etc.

To get a better idea of Microblogging for Confluence, you could watch this video maybe: Linchpin - Social Intranet With Confluence | Microblogging | Demo & Highlights - YouTube

Yes, the Microblog for Confluence add-on
allows to be used in different spaces and to use several timelines. It’s been
installed once and then you can configure it in different spaces. It
could all be the same timeline or different ones, according to
configuration and rights management.

And the plugin is an integrated part of our Confluence-based intranet solution Linchpin, so it could be interesting to learn about Linchpin: