Confluence - is there a way to only write a phrase once and project it on several pages?


I need to explain that a little further. I need to insert a remark or a phrase on many Confluence pages, but in different positions, like in a table, before or after that table or in the middle of a text. It’s not like a design master page I am looking for but to only have to write the text once and insert it into the other pages. Once it needs changes, it will automatically be updated on all pages where I have included the “link” to call it something.

Hope I explained myself ok…

I got it. It’s called the “excerpt” macro and you can find it in the editing mode of the Confluence page. “Insert more content” > “Other macros”, type “excerpt” when creating the text and “excerpt include” where you would like to embed the text.

Here is the whole Atlassian documentation on this: Excerpt Macro | Confluence Data Center and Server 8.0 | Atlassian Documentation

In this standard version of the macro, you can only insert one excerpt per “masterpage”, even so you can put the text several times on the other pages. In case you need this feature for more than one on one page, there is an add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace that allows you to do that: