Confluence - how to create a report about Jira issues in Confluence?

How to work those reports in Confluence that give info about Jira issues?

The Jira report blueprint helps you to quickly prepare clear reports to communicate how your Jira projects are progressing. You can choose between a change log and the status report. This video looks at the static change log.

To use this blueprint, click on the three dots next to “Create” in the menu.

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Click on “Jira Report” then on “Next”.

Select “Change log” and click “Next” again.

Now select the project from the drop down list, and select a fix version if you want to, but this field is optional. You can also change the title of the page here. Then click on “Create”.

You will now see the page with sample text and a list of all Jira issues for the selected project. Click on “Publish” to create the page.

The issue list is static, so it is not updated when an issue is changed in Jira. The list may also be viewed by users who do not have access to Jira or do not have permission to view the particular project in Jira.

Also watch our Video #110 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence” and see this page of Atlassian’s original documentation for more information.

Please also see this answer on the dynamic change log Jira report blueprint. and this one about the Jira report with diagrams.

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Might I be so cheeky as to recommend my Co-Founder’s detailed summary of all the possible options for linking Jira data with reports and charts in Confluence.

Hope that helps!

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