Confluence - How to create a glossary

Hi, do you have any tips for creating a glossary in Confluence. With your without extra apps?



a simple way is to create a page, named “Glossary”, for example. Then you create child pages for each term of the glossary. You can use the first sentence of the definition on the child page in the Excerpt macro (inline).

Back on your page “Glossary”, you can use the Children Display macro (using the parameter “excerptType = simple”).

That results in an overview on the Glossary page where the pages are being shown in alphabetical order and the first sentence will be shown right after that. If somebody would like to read the full definition, they can click on the term and will get to the child page where the full definition can be found.

You may also check the Atlassian Marketplace for apps, like Glossary.

We also recommend our Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence